Multiple Myeloma--Blood Cancer

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Let me preface this article by saying that it is not a scientific writ but just an informative report of treatment options and hope. Way back in January I wrote about my husband’s blood-cancer, the treatment with chemo-therapy, steroids and support meds like calcium treatments. Since then great things have happened. I want to write about the developments because they are a cause for hope of those diagnosed with this illness.

First I want to mention that men and women in their mid-fifties who suddenly experience tiredness and shortness of breaths from ordinary energy expenditure without symptoms of a flu, cold or other easily explainable cause, should seek out their doctors immediately and ask for a total blood and urine work-up. The proteins produced by the illness show up in the urine quickly. The blood-picture will show Anemia, Leukopenia and or Thrombocytopenia—all are shortage of red and white blood-cells and thrombocytes, the cells that help clot your blood.

As the illness, untreated, can progress fairly fast, early diagnosis is of the essence. A diagnosis of stage one development of myeloma can result in containing the illness with the least amount chemo—perhaps none at all. By the time stage three is reached, serious chemo is needed to stop progression. There is a bevy of drugs available for treatment; a doctor will find what works best for the particular case.

Don was treated with valcade, which helped contain the illness for a while but then stopped working. He went on to take revlimide, a thalidomide, together with dexamethasone and, for a while, went into remission. He did great. He was once again playing tennis and going on hikes. However, this idyll did not last long. His doctors decided his best chance would be a stem-cell-transplant. A very serious treatment that is best undertaken while the patient is still in good physical condition.

If one waits too long the chance for the transplant passes and it is too late. Don went through the transplant. It was difficult. For a week he did not care whether he lived or died. But, oh, the results were amazing. And his quality of life is great! You should see him playing ball with his grandsons.

I felt that I should give you this update, for I talked about the men and women stricken with the illness and their amazing attitude. I also should tell you, by the way, that I have met quite a few people who have held the illness at bay for fifteen years and more.

Good health to all of you!




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