Islam's Virgins

by Administrator16. November 2012 10:58

As Hamas has been firing missiles into Israel weeks nor, or is just after our election, I think we must consider the reward fo killing offered them by their system. The reward for killing infidels is virgins. Those promised for a martyr's death in heaven and, of course, the live little ones on earth.

Having researched the subject of marriage from an anthropological point of view, I knew of course that in many countries the ugly custom of child marriage persists. A large part of the world still views women as whole populations of humans in slavery were regarded.  This was in times not far removed from today.

Slaves and serfs were people without rights; people without courts for redress of crimes directed against them, people forced to obey the often most atrocious, disgusting whims of their masters. Slowly things have changed in the world. We pride ourselves with the delusion that slavery has been abolished. However, slavery of women is alive and well in many countries. The selling of very young women and female children into sham marriages and sex shops is still a very lucrative business.

I know, of course, that in many Islamic countries, for example the Sudan, Somalia and others in the region, the old custom of selling, or contracting female children in the cradle as brides, is still going on. Despite the laws against such customs and the admonishing voices raised in the halls of the United Nations, rogue countries still persist with the custom.

What utterly blew me away though was a report on Palestinian Hamas guerillas. These men in their twenties to thirties were rewarded for their deeds with “virgins.” Oh my, I cringed when I saw the pictures of the rouged, made –up little girls in their white dresses. The “virgins” were between the ages of eight and thirteen. They trotted beside huge grown men holding their little hands. So, that were the virgins.

Then, very recently, I read in the Wall Street Journal a report by Angus McDowall and Summer Said discussing the fatwa of Grand Mufti Sheik Fawzan. The cleric hails from Saudi Arabia—our ally and business partner. He decreed that it was allowed for fathers to marry their cradle-bound baby-daughters to older boys and men. Now, one has to know that the Grand Mufti, Sheik Fawzan, is one of the most important clerics in Saudi Arabia, a Grand Mufty, for God sakes. He positioned himself against the reformers in the Justice Ministry who were ready to regulate the marriages of pre-pubescent girls and men.

The Grand Mufty in issuing his fatwa, based his ruling on “the laws of God,” thereby conveniently ignoring that the culture of sexual slavery is a cultural, not a divine institution. In his writ he states it is permissible to marry the babies, but it is not permissible for their husbands to have sex with them--and here comes the real kicker—until they are capable of “being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men.”

Oh, really? I know of perverts in our prisons who readily agree with the Grand Mufty on all counts. What is an acceptable age to force a child into sexual relations? When is her body strong enough to endure the sexual assault of an adult man? Oh, I know that the prophet married a six-year-old and was gracious enough to wait until she was nine-years-old before he had sex with her. Is he the great example to follow?

So why are the Islamic clerics in such a fury about laws that allow girls to have a childhood and grow to the age of reason, of perhaps seventeen and eighteen? It is quite easy to figure out. Such a one would be difficult to control. Such a one would not be quite the willing slave the men in these cultures have become used to. An Iranian friend of mine said jokingly, “Men lead the good life in Iran. The imam will allow you four wives, all young to be trained. They all jump when you clap your hands—what a great life. Our Iranian girls in the USA are witches. They don’t listen and try to make you suffer for all the sins of men back home.” (I think he got it, although he jokes.)

The horrors of the child-brides are well documented by doctors who work in Islamic and other countries with child-sex-slavery. The small brides often do not live through the first months of their marriage, quickly being replaced with another “virgin.” They suffer from urinary fistulas, which make them unacceptable to the families of the men. They bear children much too early, dying in childbirth, bleeding to death or are left with pro-lapsed uteri. The latter is another reason for the woman to be pushed from the family. Eventually women in physical trouble find themselves in the street, earning a living as prostitutes. If they do not find a Western medical station willing to help—they are doomed.




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